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The mission of Autism Alliance of Northeastern NY, Inc. (AANENY) is to empower individuals and their families touched by Autism Spectrum Disorders through support and education. We serve Clinton, Essex, and Franklin counties.  AANENY is primarily supported through local businesses and individual contributions during our annual fundraiser, the Autism Awareness Walk, held at Clinton County Fairgrounds located in Plattsburgh, NY. 

The first Autism Awareness Walk was held in 2005 through the commitment of local parents, volunteers, and community businesses.  The Walk has been held annually since then. The same small group of volunteers that coordinated the Walk doubled their efforts to ensure that all funds raised would remain in the local community. In 2011, the group applied for and received non-profit status under the name Autism Alliance of Northeastern New York.

All funds raised at the Autism Awareness Walk remain in our local community. To date, AANENY has granted more than $100,000 in devices and equipment to individuals with autism spectrum disorders and to local agencies that support individuals with autism spectrum disorders. This includes approximately 70 iPads and/or electronic communication devices, communication apps and a multitude of sensory integration and occupational therapy equipment. In addition, we have provided resources and educational support through workshops,conferences, scholarships, donations of ASD-related literature and an annual publication of local ASD resources, among many other accomplishments.

These are a few of the things we have accomplished in the past year:

  • Provided grants to individuals for iPads and apps to assist with communication, organization and greater independence in the home, community, and school.
  • Provided grants to individuals for sensory equipment such as swings, trampolines, weighted blankets, etc. to assist with self-regulation, emotional control, and attention, for improved interactions and relationships in the home and community.
  • Provided a new grant - Community Offerings for Adults with ASD. Funding allowed agencies/individuals to offer a variety of classes and social opportunities for adults with ASD.
  • Provided grants to many local schools and organizations in the tri-county area, to expend their inventory of sensory equipment, educational materials, and class offerings to benefit individuals with ASD.
  • Offered scholarships to local students with ASD to attend college or secondary education.
  • Hosted a full-day conference with Dr.Temple Grandin, with approximately 900 in attendance.  Also worked with local agencies and groups to coordinate other speaking engagements for Dr. Grandin, to increase outreach.
  • Donated several ASD-related titles to schools in the tri-county area and to the CEF Library System.
  • Partnered with other local agencies at family-friendly events to promote autism awareness as well as awareness of other community resources.
  • Hosted Puppets in Education at Momot Elementary School in Plattsburgh. This troupe provides education through an inclusive model, which promotes empathy for autistic individuals by modeling, labeling, explaining, and normalizing the characteristics of autism, while never singling out any individual who may be participating in the program.

Mission Statement

The mission of Autism Alliance of Northeastern NY is to empower individuals and their families touched by autism spectrum disorders through support and education. We provide this support in Clinton, Essex, and Franklin Counties.

Our Goals:

  • Offer resources and training to families by hosting educational workshops and conferences on autism and related topics.
  • Host family-oriented community events to promote community inclusion and to provide an opportunity for families to socialize.
  • Provide funds to other local autism-related organizations and individuals residing in our service area through a grant application process.
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