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Autism Alliance of Northeastern NY is pleased to announce a grant to provide support to families touched by autism during the COVID 19 crisis.

We recognize that many of us in the North Country are facing significant challenges, struggling with financial insecurity and trying to educate our special needs children during the school closure.  Autism Alliance is pleased to be offering a grant to support families who are struggling with distance learning due to lack of needed supplies, equipment, and/or resources.  

We will provide funding for school-related goods only; this may include materials needed for educating your child, and/or supporting sensory, fine motor, gross motor, or speech needs. Please read the guidelines closely to see if your family qualifies. Please be aware, funds are limited. We ask that you practice a sense of community by asking for only what you need, so that we may serve as many as possible.  

We will post the application soon. Please check back again.

Autism Alliance of NENY typically offers five types of grants, listed below. We typically accept grant applications three times each year. We were scheduled to offer an open grant period in May and June for the following five grants. However, due to the COVID19 crisis and the cancellation of the Autism Awareness Walk, we are unsure when we will offer these grants. Please check back again.

Technology Grants

To be used for technology to assist individuals with ASD to increase functional skills such as communication, organization, time management, etc.

Download Here

Individual Grants

Up to $300 to be used for caring, supporting and/or engaging persons with ASD (ex: sensory and adaptive equipment, scholarships to health clubs, art classes, etc.).

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Up to $1000 for full time and $500 for part-time students; see specific requirements listed on the application.

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Agency Grants

Up to $1000 for organizations to support/serve ASD individuals via the purchase of curriculum, sensory equipment, technology, materials for social groups, etc.

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Community Grants

For organizations and/or sole proprietors that support/serve ASD adults to target socialization, recreation and/or life skills through classes and opportunities to network with peers.

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Please note, we now require proof of diagnosis and proof of income on our technology and individual grants. We also follow more stringent guidelines regarding clinical recommendations.  We will not award grants for prior purchases.  Applicants should be aware that incomplete applications may be denied. All grants awarded must work toward furthering our mission to empower individuals and families touched by autism spectrum disorders through support and education.

All applications must be mailed and postmarked no later than 2/15/20.  Late applications will not be considered, but may be kept for consideration at the next open period, which will be 5/15/20-6/15/20.  Questions regarding any grant or scholarship may be emailed to our Grant Committee at

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